2001 Census

The 2001 Census was undertaken on the night of Sunday 29 April 2001. The UK Census was carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in England & Wales, the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA).

Census Questionnaires (PDFs):

England & Wales

2001 Census Individual questionnaire – England

2001 Census Individual questionnaire – Wales

2001 Census Household questionnaire – England

2001 Census Household questionnaire – Wales (Cymraeg)

2001 Census Communal Establishment questionnaire – England & Wales


2001 Census Individual questionnaire – Scotland

2001 Census Household questionnaire – Scotland (Gaelic)

2001 Census Communal Establishment questionnaire – Scotland

Northern Ireland

2001 Census Individual questonnaire – Northern Ireland

2001 Census Household questionnaire – Northern Ireland

2001 Census Communal Establishment questionnaire – Northern Ireland

Definitions & Metadata (PDFs):

Index of Topics of 2001 Census topics (i.e. a table of keywords and the tables numbers that contain details relating to these)

Glossary of 2001 Census terms

Census Table Layouts (PDFs):

2001 Key Statistics Tables

2001 Standard Tables

2001 Standard Theme Tables

2001 Census Area Statistics Tables

2001 Census Area Theme Tables

2001 Univariate Statistics Tables

2001 Armed Forces Tables

2001 Special Workplace Statistics

2001 Special Workplace Statistics – Scotland only

2001 Special Migration Statistics

Information relating to the 2001 Census data licensing arrangements is available from here.

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