2011 Census

The 2011 Census was undertaken on the night of Sunday 27 March 2011. The UK Census was carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in England & Wales, the National Records of Scotland (NRS – formerly the General Register Office for Scotland) in Scotland and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) conducted the Census in Northern Ireland.

Census Questionnaires (PDFs):

England & Wales

2011 Census Household questionnaire (specimen) – England

2011 Census Household questionnaire (specimen) – Wales

2011 Census Communal Establishment questionnaire (specimen) – England and Wales

2011 Census Holiadur y Cartref (specimen) – Cymru


2011 Census Household questionnaire (specimen)

Northern Ireland

2011 Census Household questionnaire (specimen)

2011 Census Individual questionnaire (specimen)

Definitions & Metadata (PDFs):

Census Definitions – descriptions used in the production and output of 2011 statistic, which underpin the 2011 Census glossary (below).

A Glossary of the terms contained within the 2011 Census.

Population definitions (Oct 2009) – outlines the definitions used by field staff during enumeration and some of the Census outputs.

A guide to comparing 2001 and 2011 Census data produced by ONS

Output Planning:

The 2011 Census Output Working Group (COWG) meets periodically to discuss matters relating to geography, output production, and dissemination of statistics for the 2011 Census. This is a UK group and provides valuable information relating to user’s views on the 2011 output plans and strategy. Terms of reference for the group are available and membership includes: SASPAC, Local Government, Central Government, Welsh Assembly Government, NHS, Welsh Statistical Liaison Committee and the ESRC.

The Census Web Services Working Group (CWSWG) is a sub group of the 2011 COWG and its purpose is to share experience and skills to support the development of the technical solutions relating to the delivery of Census data via the internet. Terms of reference for the group are available and membership includes: SASPAC, ONS, NRS, NISRA, CAIRD, NOMIS, CIDER, Welsh Assembly Government and Ordnance Survey.

The Census Bulk Data Working Group has been established by ONS, first meet in October 2011 and is a sub group of the 2011 COWG. The group deals with issues relating to the provision to third parties of entire sets of Census data at the time of their release; these are generally in sets of 100 tables. The purpose of the sub group is to share experience and skills, agree data formats and determine appropriate delivery mechanisms.

ONS have published a proposed running order for the 2011 outputs in England & Wales.

Census table layouts:

England & Wales

All 2011 Census Key Statistics tables pdf file.

All 2011 Census Quick Statistics tables pdf file (updated: 04/8/14).

All 2011 Census Detailed Characteristic tables layouts pdf file (updated: 04/8/14).

All 2011 Census Local Characteristic tables layouts pdf file (updated: 04/8/14).

All 2011 Census Short-term Residents tables pdf file.

All 2011 Census Workday Statistics tables pdf file (updated: 04/8/14).

All 2011 Census Workplace Statistics tables pdf file (updated: 04/8/14).

All 2011 Census Commissioned tables layouts pdf file (updated: 1/8/14).

ONS have produced indicative table layouts (zip folder) for all the cross tabulations expected from the 2011 Census results for England & Wales. These mock layouts are produced as individual Excel (.xls) files. A ‘Table of tables‘ (.xls) file has also been provided and contains supporting information relating to the table geographies, differences between 2001 and 2011, derived/aggregated variables and calculations.


All 2011 Census Key Statistics tables pdf file. (updated: 10/1/14)

All 2011 Census Quick Statistics tables pdf file (updated: 10/1/14)

The latest details on the next Census release can be found in the current Outputs Prospectus.

Northern Ireland

The latest details of the 2011 Census Outputs Prospectus from NISRA can be found here. There is also a release schedule and table titles document available on this page.

Table layouts for Key Statistics and Quick Statistics are also available.

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