SASPAC comments on the ONS Output Prospectus


In response to the Output Prospectus published by ONS at the end of March, SASPAC and the Greater London Authority have jointly raised a number of comments and concerns with the Census team. This covers a range of issues relating to expected metadata, cell referencing, disclosure control and geographic information. A PDF of the response is available here and we’ll post any feedback we receive on this site.

NRS Beyond 2011 Website


National Records for Scotland have just released a ‘Beyond 2011’ website. In September 2011 the Beyond 2011 project was set up in Scotland to investigate alternative (to the traditional census) methods for delivering population and socio-demographic statistics in Scotland. A similar programme is already underway for England and Wales by the Office for National Statistics and the Registrar General for Northern Ireland will begin their own assessment following the release of the initial 2011 Census results.

NRS will not begin a formal consultation until Spring/Summer 2013 but interested parties can address any queries to:

ONS Census Advisory Group


ONS held a combined 2011 Census Advisory Group Meeting on 27/3/12 – the group provides a formal forum for discussion on a wide range of 2011 Census issues and includes representatives from central/local government, health, academia, private sector and the third sector. A number of papers/presentations were provided and can be found below.

Some brief highlights:

  • Census response rates were 94% overall; and at least 80% for every local authority (E&W)
  • ONS are on schedule for first outputs in July; these will be population estimates and will include supporting information relating to comparator data sources (school census, patient register, child benefit data) [An output timetable is expected to be published by the end of this week]
  • a series of tutorials to help users’ understand how the Census estimates were constructed are planned for June
  • almost 200 completed prosecutions for non completion of questionnaires

AG(12) 01 2011 Census Highlight Report (pdf)

AG(12) 02 2011 Census outputs updates (pdf)

AG(12) 04 Dissemination – Future Channels Tools (pdf)

AG(12) 06 Future plans for Stakeholder Engagement, Media and Communications (pdf)

2011 UK Output Area Classification Consultation


The ONS are working with the University College London to develop a new UK Output Area classification (OAC) using the 2011 Census data. This will update the 2001 classification previously produced by the University of Leeds.

A user engagement exercise runs from 17 February to 30 March 2012 and is aimed at users of the 2001 OAC but also relevent to anyone interested in social area classifications, involving geodemographics and neighbourhood classifications. For more information and a copy of the User Engagement form visit the ONS website.

If you would like to see some of the initial work that has been undertaken by Chris Gale, a UCL research student whose PhD is focussing on creating this new Output Area Classification, then please click here.

2011 Census ‘Standard Tables’


Mock table layouts for the 2011 Census Standard Table outputs have been published by ONS. These represent the detailed cross tabulations from the Census and will be available for ward/SOA geography and larger areas. 126 table layouts are available in an Excel format but these do not include proposed new tables or the Standard Theme Tables ONS also plan to produce.  A direct link to the downloadable zip file on the ONS website is here.

ONS 2011 Census workshop materials


ONS have published the materials and Q&As from the Oct/Nov workshops relating to the specialist 2011 Census outputs. Some of this are available from the ONS website but you may also download these as zip files below.

Small population outputs (24/10/11)

Analytic products (25/10/11)

Origin & Destination products (26/10/11)

Microdata products (11/11/11)

Rural & Urban Area Classifications


Those users that accessed the 2001 Census data produced for urban and rural areas may be interested in an ONS survey looking at the proposed options for classifying these areas following the 2011 Census. More details on the project can be found here, along with a Google map showing the current boundaries. The consultation is open until 25 November 2011 and is being run by a project team that includes: Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs; Office for National Statistics; Department for Communities and Local Government; and Welsh Government.