Training videos


We have recently developed more training videos. Please take a look on our page to view these great step-by-step videos now currently available.
The most recent videos added are:

Module 8
Part A,
Part B and
Part C

This module shows you how to work with origin-destination dataset sets including filtering the data, rezoning to asymmetric zones and outputting the data into either an Excel pivot table or into Mapshore.

NEW training videos!


Please take some time to view our video training page; the videos available are great step-by-step guides of how to carry out common tasks.

There are currently videos available with the most recent videos added being modules 4a & 4b, these modules show:

Module 4a – Demonstrates how to create new zones – By individual area selection.
Module 4b – Demonstrates how to create new zones – By reference to a gazetteer.

Please take a look and keep an eye out for more videos becoming available soon!


SASPAC Training


Please let us know ASAP if you would like to book onto our
21st July SASPAC training course taking place at City Hall.

The course is aimed at people who are new to the software or who would just like a refresher course.

A typical SASPAC training session will provide users with an introduction to the 2011 Census and enable them to select, print, manipulate, export and map data relevant to their area of interest.

If you would like to preview our latest SASPAC training manual please just visit here.

In preparation for the publication 2011 origin destination data, the SASPAC team are currently preparing a half day training course to allow users to take full advantage of this powerful new data set.

Keep an eye on our blog posts for more information!


NEW training module video available


All of our training videos are basic step by step guides of how to carry out certain modules.

If you are not already aware of what the SASPAC features are then please watch this 2min video clip for a better understanding, you can also access the other training module videos here.

However please take a second to view our latest training video which shows how to output information and map data from SASPAC:

Census release and SASPAC v9.82


On the 16 May 2013 ONS published 42 Detailed Characteristics Census tables for Local Authorities in England & Wales. These tables represent the first detailed cross-tabulations to be released from the 2011 Census and, in most cases, will be released for ward and Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOA) geographies. However, some tables will not be available for these small zones due to disclosure control. Of the 42 tables:

  • nine are available for the nine English regions and Wales;
  • one (DC6301EW) for 2011 Census Merged Districts1;
  • 32 for Local Authorities in England & Wales (three are Welsh only)

A copy of these table layouts in Excel can be found here (.xls)

To support access to these new tables, the SASPAC team have produced an updated version of the application (v9.82).  Due to the relatively small nature of the update and to help organisations’ avoid the, sometimes costly, process of arranging a full software installation the update files need to be simply “copy and pasted” to your current system. A release note (.pdf) explains how to go about this process and the relevant update files ( are available to download. Finally, the supporting System files for this release can also be downloaded here (28MB .zip).

This data release represents the first in a set of tables to be published as part of Release 3 and a further three subsequent releases (3.2/3.3/3.4) are expected to be made available over the summer months (between June and August). It is not currently clear what data will be available when but we will keep users up to data as soon as we hear more. More details relating to this release can be found on the ONS website.

1“2011 Census Merged District” geographies have been produced where small districts have been merged to ensure the confidentiality of individual’s personal information. The Isles of Scilly UA has been merged with Cornwall UA, and the City of London has been merged with Westminster.

SASPAC v9.80 Released


ONS published the latest release of 2011 Census data on the 30 January 2013. This included 104 Census tables (35 Key Statistics (KS), 68 Quick Statistics(QS) and one Commissioned Table) for the Output Area (OA, Lower SOA and Middle SOA) and Ward geography hierarchies in England & Wales. This builds on the local authority KS and QS tables released on 11 December 2012.  A list of tables available in this release can be found here (.xls), as well as the table layouts (.xls).

To access these new tables the SASPAC team have prepared and provided an updated version of the application (v9.80), which is available for download. In addition, all the SASPAC System files have been added to our data page and may be downloaded (Please be aware of the file sizes when downloading).

SASPAC v9.80

If you have any issues relating to this release or the Census date available please contact the helpdesk.

2011 Census 2nd release and SASPAC


Earlier this week ONS announced the release dates for Release 2.0 of the 2011 Census results. This release relates to the univariate summary tables called Key Statistics and Quick Statistics and includes most of the topics collected in the census questionnaire. The Key Statistics tables are also the only table set to contain percentage values – very useful for area profiling. The table below summaries what we can expect and when:

Release  Date Description Geography
2.1 11 December 2012 35 Key Statistics and 9 Quick Statistics tables Local authorities in England & Wales
2.2 30 January 2013 35 Key Statistics & 71 Quick Statistics tables Output Area, LSOA and MSOA hierarchies; wards; parishes; parliamentary Constituencies
2.3 Before 28 Feburary 2013 35 Key Statistics & 71 Quick Statistics tables Welsh Gov constituencies; National Parks; postcode sectors; health areas; population headcounts for unit postcodes

A list of the release 2.1 tables and their titles can be found here (.xls), whilst the latest draft table layouts are available under ‘downloads’ from the ONS site. Although the final table layouts (with cell identifiers) are not expected to be available until the end of November.

SASPAC will be making this data available to users via an updated version of the software (via a new installation) and System data files, both of which will be downloadable to members from our website. We will aim to make an updated installation available ahead of the 11 December data release and will build the Systems files, QA the data before distributing to users ASAP after the 11 December.

Sneak a peek at SASPAC’s new interface


The first stage of SASPAC’s 2011 Census development programme has been delivered and a shiny new interface developed using sample 2001 data. A short 3 minute video is available and demonstrates the new ‘look and feel’ along with some of the current functionality. This interface will continue to grow and develop over the summer as we move towards the first Census outputs (2nd release in the output prospectus) released by ONS in November this year.

As always, we are keen to hear users’ thoughts, so please do get in touch with the helpdesk if you would like to be involved in testing and help inform the development.

SASPAC Support fee discount


To help meet some of the software’s 2011 Census development costs both the SASPAC licence and support fees – which have been frozen for the last ten years – will increase by £75 from 1st April 2012. In order to assist users in this difficult financial climate we are providing the option to avoid this increase by purchasing two year’s support at the discounted 2011/12 rates. All members will be presented with this option when they are contacted for 2012/13 support fees, If you would like to take advantage of any 2011/12 budget under spend before the end of the current financial year please contact the helpdesk.

We will be keeping users up to date with our 2011 Census work via our website’s development page. Here you will be able to see sample screen shots and images as the software develops: to kick-off we have added some samples of the new table layout presentation style.

SASPAC v9.50 now available


The SASPAC team are pleased to announce the release of v9.50 to software members. This version is available as a full installation package and downloadable from our website (user passwords are available from the helpdesk). This new release includes:

  • Web Services Wizard (WSW) application
  • GSS Coding and Naming integration
  • Windows 7 compatibility
  • software updates (v9.05, 9.06, 9.07)
  • bug fixes

The WSW application is a ‘proof of concept’ development that utilises the same online technologies the Census Offices will be using to publish 2011 Census results. In preparation for 2011 data, development to build a new interface and data management system is underway.

We will keep users posted with our progress (software previews, developing functionality, help with testing, pre-release access)Follow SASPAC on Twitter through this blog and recommend subscribing by adding your email address to the box on the right of this post. ‘Tweeters’ may also follow us Twitter.