UK and Scottish Census results


UK-pop-2001-2011Following the publication of the first Scottish Census results today, 2011 Census population and household estimates for the United Kingdom have also been made available by ONS.  The original data (.xls format) for the UK and Scotland are available from our 2011 Data page.

ONS have also launched the UK Census homepage which includes commentary and data visualisations relating to UK-wide Census results. Click the image on the left here to view a map (.pdf), produced by ONS, showing the percentage change between 2001 and 2011 Censuses by UK local authority.

2011 Output Area Classification Responses


Back in February this year ONS undertook a user engagement exercise on a new 2011 Census based UK Output Area Classification (OAC). A summary of responses (pdf) has confirmed there is demand from users for the 2001 OAC to be updated using 2011 Census data, it is expected that this will be published sometime in 2013. More details.

Looking “Beyond 2011”


The RSS are hosting a “Looking Beyond 2011” event on 21 October 2011. The meeting represents a first opportunity for a broad community of users and stakeholders to hear about the UK Statistics Authority’s Beyond 2011 programme and the initial work undertaken by ONS.  The Beyond 2011 Population Statistics Programme was set up to establish and test models that will, in future, meet users’ needs for census type statistics in the UK, including wider socio-demographic statistics. For more details and to register to attend the event visit the RSS website.