SASPAC Training Manual

Download the complete SASPAC training manual or individual chapters.

Full SASPAC training manual (8.4Mb)
Introduction: Census & SASPAC
Module 1: Selecting Variables
Module 2: Selecting Tables  
Module 3a: Selection of Areas – by Text Listing
Module 3b: Selection of Areas – Using Mapping 
Module 4a: Creating New Zones – Individual Area Selection
Module 4b: Creating New Zones – Gazetteer Files
Module 5: Output of Information from SASPAC
Module 6: Creating New Variables
Module 7: Selection of Areas – SELECT IF
Module 8: Use of Double Geography datasets
Module 9: Use of Google Maps within SASPAC
Module 10: Creating User-Defined Tables

Sample training data to allow users to follow the training manual examples is also available (16MB .zip).

SASPAC Example Tasks Users who have recently attended the Introduction to SASPAC one-day training course may like to download this task sheet which provides an opportunity to gain further experience and confidence using the software.

Rezoning Process

One of the most powerful tools in SASPAC is the ability to rezone data for new geographical areas. Users can create census statistics for their own non-standard geographies in the form of system files that can then be interrogated using SASPAC.

Also available is a zip file containing all the files necessary to undertake a rezoning task (97Mb).

This step-by-step note guides the user through the rezoning process.

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